How can we get children physically active?

Physical activity is very important for the development of children. Physical activity supports learning in school, physical and social development and it shapes the creation of a healthy lifestyle. Because: the movement behaviour in children often continues in adulthood.

Unfortunately, children are less and little active, most of them even far too little. At this point, our initiative ACTIPROS comes in. We want to catch up with children via school to get them being active (again), preferably together with friends, family, teachers or the whole school.

We are convinced that there is no single intervention fitting everybody. That is why we developed the ACTIPROS-Toolbox, currently specialized in promotion of physical activity in primary school. The toolbox includes several different interventions tested for effectiveness.

You can pick out the intervention that matches your circumstances best. Go try out the toolbox!

ACTIPROS means ACTIvity PROmotion via Schools and is an initiative by the Leibniz-Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS.

Physical activity for children - why and how?

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